Prepping Your Home to Maximize Photo Potential

Most likely buyers will see your property online first.  And first impression matters. 

Please follow these tips to prepare your home for the photoshoot.  It can be done fast, focused and fun.


I’ll focus on general ideas for all home areas and four major money making rooms:  Kitchen, Master (and all bedrooms), Living and outdoor. Plus bathrooms.

You can download the file in pdf format HERE



Map floors from dust.

Replace all burned light bulbs.

Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON.

Turn ceiling fans OFF.

Important: blinds should be down to the sill.  Turned horizontally.  (No half window blinds. No angle turned).  We do not adjust blinds during the shoot. If you do not adjust blinds, we will shoot as is.  It’s especially important if the view from the window screams: neighbors or construction.


1. Kitchen:

Clear fridge door from everything. 

Remove any clutter: mops, brooms, garbage cans and etc. 

Clear countertops from things completely.

Get rid of small appliances and leave only one (coffee maker or toaster for example).

Clean stainless steel appliances (microwave, fridge, toaster, and dishwasher).

Remove dishes from the sink. 

Remove all towels.


2. Master and all Bedrooms:

Make beds.

Clear nightstands of everything except lamps.

Remove cables.

Clean under beds (items can be seen in the photos).

Remove family photos from walls.



3. Living/Dining/Family

Clear table.

Straighten all chairs and space them evenly.



4.  Bathrooms

Clean countertops from everything completely.

Put toilet seats down.

Remove dirty towels and place only fresh good looking towels.

Remove floor mats.

Clean mirror.

If you want to save time, do NOT wash bathtub (save your time. See, I’m not too demanding).


5. Outside

Remove cars from the driveway.

Remove trash cans.

Remove visible water hoses.



Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you